Not too long ago, we came to the realization that pre-screening candidates for staffing agencies and companies would be extremely helpful. We’ve decided to lend a hand to staffing firms and small businesses by offering advantageous pre-screening services. The utilization of these services is time-saving, profitable and rewarding for a variety of reasons. We understand the difficulties and hassle that can arise from hiring the wrong person, which is why we want to help you find those candidates who are a solid culture and technical fit.

If you are a staffing agency, we can help ensure you only present competent candidates to your clients. You will eventually begin to recognize the factors that make a candidate qualified as a direct result of our pre-screening services. Moreover, you will be confident that you are only presenting qualified candidates for opportunities. We also offer “culture” screenings so that you can present candidates to clients that are a potentially good fit in cultural terms/soft skills, not only expertise. We understand that every company is different and know that it is important for candidates to be able to fit in and be a team player.

If you hire resources directly, we are able to interview candidates for you, saving you valuable time and money in the long-term. We can represent your best interests by technically assessing your candidates, thereby providing you with paramount talent and helping you to avoid wasting your time with the wrong applicants. Of course, as discussed, we can culturally screen candidates for you to ensure that they are a great social fit as well. We work quickly and accurately keeping your priorities in mind.

We are happy to provide pre-screening services in the Boston area that are lucrative and valuable to your company.