As we mention in Ten Technical Tips Your Startup Can’t Ignore, in the time crunch of pushing a new product to market, many early-stage projects launch utilizing a single physical server or cloud instance. The convenience of having the web, database, and caching services all in one place is sometimes too tempting to pass up. While this kind of centralization may work in the beginning, it’s quite sloppy, and as traffic grows, a product must be scaled across multiple servers to thrive long-term. Unfortunately, a decentralized implementation has its own headaches, specifically with code changes. If the code exists on ten different webservers, it must be able to change in ten different places in a simple and reliable way.

Fortunately, Bitlancer Strings contains a built-in deployment infrastructure, which essentially pushes code to customer webservers synchronously. Our custom scripts ship code quickly and painlessly, saving time and avoiding production outages.

UPDATE: Bitlancer Strings is now open source. For more information, visit Strings Documentation on Github.