Bitlancer offers monthly MySQL database health checks. MySQL database errors, crashes, down time, lost data, poor performance, you name it, all cost your business dearly. Unhealthy MySQL databases take away your valuable time, upset your customers, force you to pay emergency consulting rates, then they cause you do “damage control” with everyone who interacts with and relies on your database. MySQL errors cause you stress, gray hair, even anger, then they cost you your free time, your confidence in your management skills, your social life, your reputation, etc. It’s a downward spiral that builds off of its own momentum, all while you and your team are unable to focus on the part of your business that makes you money. Anyone who has ever been involved in running a business can relate to the immeasurable awfulness that occurs when something that should work “automatically” fails without warning. While it occurs on different scales, make no mistake, your MySQL database health towers over you half-broken stapler and unreliable fax machine in its importance to your operation.

A few further points:

  • Bitlancer’s $899 monthly rate per server is drastically less expensive than responding to an issue after the fact - emergency consulting rates run upwards of $300/hr, and a fix can often take days.
  • Bitlancer’s MySQL database health checks may allow you to cut database administrator (dba) costs, by only paying for maintenance “as needed.”
  • You can re-allocate your talented personnel to the front end of the business and increase profitability.
  • Accounting may be simplified, as the monthly cost of the MySQL health checks are an easily accounted for operating expense (opex).