Here at Bitlancer, we cannot over-emphasize the importance of being directly available to our clients via telephone. Do not confuse that with getting “someone” on the telephone, which is nice, don’t get me wrong. Getting someone who knows what they’re talking about, however, is worth a million bucks (sometimes quite literally). If we could automate customer support departments to scale horizontally the same way we configure cloud server instances, then no one would ever have to wait on hold. Unfortunately, support requires humans, and humans that are trained in appropriate techniques and technologies at that.

Anyone who has experienced any of the more recent major cloud outages, will be familiar with this problem: even when you pay extra for support, a major outage can overwhelm the support desk and leave you without vital information. Bitlancer’s extensive cloud infrastructure knowledge, thankfully, allows our customers to stay out of the fray and get support directly from Bitlancer. Most importantly, we are on call to handle any appropriate migrations/infrastructure replacement if needed.