BOSTON, Mass. - September 2, 2014 - Bitlancer LLC, “The Common Sense Cloud Company,” today announced that it has joined the Marketplace for Rackspace, (NYSE: RAX), the #1 managed cloud company. Bitlancer Strings, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, is now available to startup and SMB Rackspace customers through the Rackspace Marketplace. Bitlancer Strings solution enables users to configure, deploy and manage cloud infrastructure with ease, insight and control - increasing developer productivity and reducing the need for specialized operational skill sets.

“Bitlancer Strings solution can be used in conjunction with Rackspace portfolio products to enable their customers to efficiently and effectively manage virtual server configurations, application deployment, authentication and more,” said Matt Juszczak, founder Bitlancer. “Strings gives DevOps teams their desired level of visibility into cloud infrastructure, while making it exceptionally easy to automate mundane tasks.”

What makes Bitlancer Strings different from alternatives is that its ultra-simple interface and standards-based design let each team conveniently choose their ideal, “common sense” level of automation and control. Competing cloud automation solutions either restrict insight into the infrastructure stack, or provide little more than a toolkit for do-it-yourself scripting. Others offer rich features but come with “enterprise” price points that aren’t realistic for startups and SMBs.

“Bitlancer Strings solution can integrate with Rackspace Cloud Servers, Cloud Files and Rackspace Cloud DNS, and can also be used to help manage Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers,” said John Engates, CTO, Rackspace. “This further streamlines virtual infrastructure management and can help our customers get more value from their Rackspace services, making Bitlancer Strings an important addition to the Rackspace Marketplace.”

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About Bitlancer

Bitlancer strives to increase developer productivity and reduce the need for scarce operational skills, by offering solutions that deliver out-of-box consistency and power while eliminating the maintenance challenges associated with do-it-yourself efforts. Our flagship product, Bitlancer Strings, is a powerful yet simple common-sense Platform-as-a-Service that empowers startups and SMBs to painlessly streamline and optimize the management of their virtual infrastructure across their choice of public, private and hybrid clouds. Built on open standards and established good practice, Strings is backed by our proven expertise in systems, database, and cloud consulting, enabling Bitlancer to provide a comprehensive toolset and as-needed support to our clients.

UPDATE: Bitlancer Strings is now open source. For more information, visit Strings Documentation on Github.