Twas the night before DevOps, when all through the Cloud
Not a thing was automated, the Dev team not very proud;
The servers were racked in the data center with care,
In hopes that more ephemerality would soon be there;

“We’ll hire a DevOps Engineer!”, I exclaimed with delight
For having one person to fix things, would be a great seen sight;
Away to team standup I flew like a flash
For this one gal with Ansible will fix things in a dash.

The office lights on the breast of free startup cold brew
Which tasks in the backlog will today be chewed through?
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature sleigh, and forty-two tiny reindeer,

With answers to everything, and great reviews on Yelp
I knew in a moment our way had come help.
In unison they advised, seemingly but from a gist,
“A DevOps Engineer? But that simply does not exist!”

With the answers to life, so powerful and true,
I knew in a moment we had found our $foo.
The variable we’d missed to cause us such angst,
Soon gave me to know I’d be full of thanks.

The real meaning of DevOps, there are actually a few,
Treat infrastructure as code, this should be nothing new.
But culture is even more important, you see,
We’re happy to chat about it some time over coffee…