Our DevOps CoPilot program is flexible enough to serve teams of any size, even very small teams of just a few developers. What makes the program effective is that we tend to start slowly (as little as 3 hours/month) and begin adding value immediately as we get to know your business and your people.

We want to be your “experts on call” to shepherd you through various aspects of solving your unique DevOps puzzle, from cloud migrations to tool implementations to CI/CD to targeted training. Our focus is on augmenting your team (including hands-on) so you’re investing in helping your team work better together, rather than simply outsourcing - sort of like buy versus rent.

Further, we’ve found that targeted, well-defined initial projects with limited scope add the most upfront value. This is one reason why we never force customers to pay for services they don’t need, and why our consulting agreements are broken up into small time blocks with no long-term contracts.

So why do we structure the DevOps CoPilot program to encourage a 3-month commitment? Again, it’s about our many experiences with new customers.

The single biggest indicator of failure is lack of investment and commitment on the customer side. Many teams are really just looking to outsource their DevOps, which is guaranteed to fall short.

We also find that, while there are higher-level issues that can be addressed in the first month, it typically takes longer than that to prove success. Also, especially given the minimal time spent, on-boarding a new DevOps CoPilot customer takes significant context switching on our end.

For these reasons, we want to make sure our customers are invested in making the most of the service we’re offering. And we’ve seen that even making a small commitment (9 hours over 3 months) is critical to success on both sides.

When we don’t sense that commitment, we know there’s a high chance of failure. In that case, we tend to recommend that the prospect look elsewhere.

To our knowledge, Bitlancer’s mission is unique. So is the bang-for-the-buck value we can bring to teams that are a good fit for our DevOps CoPilot service.