Everseat is a patient-centered scheduling platform that helps patients get access to the appointments they need with their healthcare providers. The Baltimore-based technology company offers a web- and mobile-based platform that enables provider organizations to post open appointments to the platform so that patients can find slots that work for their schedules via the free Everseat mobile app or web app. Appointments are posted and claimed in real-time, significantly increasing efficiency for the providers, and dramatically improving the patient experience. For more information, visit Everseat online.

Specific Challenge(s):

  • AWS ECS environments were difficult to create and manage reliably.
  • App deploys needed to be done in a consistent manner to any environment.
  • Deployment bottleneck - only one teammate really knew how to run deployments.

How we approached the problem:

  • Created a parameterized CloudFormation template that sets up all environments.
  • Wrapped CloudFormation workflow in Docker to make it easy to maintain templates.
  • Create an ECS deploy script that asks a few questions and runs the deploy.

What Everseat gained from the engagement:

  • More reliable ECS infrastructure. CloudFormation templates are versioned in source control. Better consistency across environments.
  • Anyone on the team can now deploy without needing to know low-level details. Although, at Bitlancer, we believe everyone should have some understanding of what’s happening under the hood.
  • CloudFormation and deploy scripts both have extension points; will grow with the needs of the team.

“Bitlancer’s work cut our deploy time in half while enabling every member of our engineering team to reliably deploy to production. It has been the single biggest boost to our productivity since we moved to AWS.”

  – Ryan Ahearne, CTO at EverSeat