We work with one of the ten largest commercial banks in the United States to provide recurring Chef training to their developers nationwide, with about 25 on-site classes per calendar year.

Initial Situation:

  • This financial institution made a conscious decision to move almost all infrastructure to Amazon EC2. As such, it was important that all developers be empowered to manage their application’s entire stack.
  • To keep infrastructure ephemeral, and be able to restore from an outage using nothing but infrastructure code (Cloudformation), configuration management code (Chef), and data backups, it was important that all developers be able to build infrastructure and applications that are “Cloud aware”.

How Bitlancer addressed the problems:

  • Partially updated an existing training program to introduce modern Chef patterns, like the Environment & Application Cookbook patterns and the use of test kitchen.
  • Traveled to various cities throughout the U.S. to provide two day, hands-on intensive Chef training sessions.


  • Developers now have a firm understanding of the need to treat infrastructure as code.
  • Developers are empowered to work better together within their teams to build ephemeral, Cloud-based applications.
  • Through increased productivity and better workflows, Developers are able to make changes faster with more confidence.
  • Bitlancer will continue to work with this institution to provide further training courses, including intermediate level classes.