The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) is a new professional lacrosse league featuring many of the world’s best players. The league’s highly successful first season debuted on June 1, 2019 and featured a 14-week, tour-based schedule with 6 teams competing.

Like many entrepreneurs, PLL founders Paul and Mike Rabil need to spend their time launching and running their business rather than focusing on information technology details. Yet their business requires a strong technology component to be successful, including a need to deliver statistics and other content to fans online, manage player data, and a lot more.

Customer quote:

Matt is a full-stop operator and leader. While his job was to focus on our tech product, his wide range of skills, fast understanding of business problems and resourceful attitude made him an indispensable part of our organization from day one.

Michael Rabil, Co-Founder & CEO, Premier Lacrosse League

Initial situation and how Bitlancer helped

With the new league’s first games fast approaching, the PLL hired Bitlancer in a “CTO-as-a-Service” role. The key goal was to “think fast and think ahead” to help the PLL make strategic technology decisions for their first season.

The engagements went beyond technical issues and project management to getting to know the business and proactively sharing a technology “big picture” with the PLL’s senior management. This included deciding what systems to outsource versus build in-house, what vendors to use for outsourced services, and how to architect technology platforms with future challenges (e.g., integration) in mind.

Bitlancer also drove multiple key technology projects, including enhancing the league’s web presence, integrating a live statistics feed that uses third-party data, and ultimately building a separate stats website. Bitlancer staff attended PLL games to make sure that the technology functioned smoothly on-site.

In addition, Bitlancer reviewed proposals from vendors with an eye toward protecting data, ensuring acceptable service levels, validating technical approaches and costs, etc. We also regularly reviewed resumes and interview tech job applicants.

Ensuring data integrity

Many startups that are not technology focused don’t immediately see the need for a strategy to manage data and ensure data integrity. This can result in multiple applications (e.g., website, mobile app, backend systems) that don’t communicate with one another-often leading to different “sources of truth” for critical data and many problems down the line.

Bitlancer helped the PLL get ahead of this emerging problem and validate/centralize the data that drives the company, like game data and player stats.

Ongoing project support

On an ongoing, project-level basis, Bitlancer will help the new league to balance technical demands with its many other competing priorities in a way that best positions them for ongoing growth and success and minimizes avoidable cost, overhead and technology/business risk.

Results for the PLL:

  • Support for strategic and tactical planning
  • Guidance on technology investment decisions
  • Established a foundation for long-term data integrity
  • Proactively prioritized “technical debt”
  • Built a “future-proof” technology foundation and strategy
  • Helped save significant IT costs
  • Ensured key deadlines were met