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Common Technologies

Because we're asked often, here's what we typically work with:

Continuous Delivery
Javascript, Ruby, Python, Java, PHP
MySQL & MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Oracle, RDS
Chef, Puppet, Ansible, AWS OpsWorks
Orchestration & Platform
Kubernetes, Docker, Amazon ECS, CloudFormation & Elastic Beanstalk

Success Stories

An Automation & Tooling Success Story
Harvard Law School
Significantly improved database performance, reliability and deployment automation
An Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) Success Story
Oasis Open
A Cloud Migration & Automation Success Story

Our Customers Love Us

We're in Boston, but our customers are everywhere.

"Bitlancer's work cut our deploy time in half while enabling every member of our engineering team to reliably deploy to production. It has been the single biggest boost to our productivity since we moved to AWS."
Ryan Ahearne, CTO at EverSeat